Retreats at CREST

Our retreats for couples start on Monday around 5 pm and end on Thursday around 10 am, closing with Brunch. Unlike many other Pastor’s conferences we do not have too many teaching sessions packed into each day, we have three sessions each day, leaving a lot of time for the couples to rest, reflect, talk to each other, pray and seek God’s guidance. Each couple will have their own room with an attached toilet and bed. Since our vision is to strengthen and equip the couple for God’s work, we do not allow children for our retreats. We also require all the delegates to turn off their cell phones for all the sessions and also personal reflection times so that they can really focus and pay attention to God’s still / Gentle voice or whispers. We do allow the usage of cell phones for emergencies at specified times of the day. Our vision is to create an undisturbed time for the couple to connect with each other and with God. Come, Rest and Refresh your soul and marriage. 

Here are some subjects we cover during our first retreat:

  • The importance of being Still and Knowing God.
  • The Gift of Sabbath – God’s invitation.
  • Understanding our calling, soul care and boundary setting.
  • God’s design for marriage and thriving through different stages of marriage.
  • Parenting Principles and dealing with adolescent or adult children.
  • Your local ministry and God’s kingdom.


I have been to many seminars and Christian libraries but I never heard teaching on these topics, I am personally very encouraged and I realized the importance of being still to Know God.
Evangelist from Warangal

We have been to many other conferences and trainings and heard other speakers on similar subjects, however the teaching at this retreat is so relevant to our culture and life in India. The subjects are dealt with a lot of depth and equipped us to be a good Christian couple in our context. Thank you for presenting these truths in pure Telangana bhaasha!
Pastor from Warangal.

We have been married for 18 years but never understood why we feel so emotionally disconnected till we heard about the five love languages, the session on marriage has really enriched our understanding and given us a chance to start again.
Pastor from Adilabad Dist

I have been to seminary and been to many pastoral conferences, but nobody ever dealt with the topic of brokenness in such depth. For the first time I felt somebody really understands my struggle with my weaknesses and brokenness. I used to be very ashamed of my struggles, nobody to share, but after that session I felt a big load of guilt was taken away from my shoulder, I feel like a free person....a new person.
Pastor & his wife

We have never experienced such personal attention and care in any other retreats or conferences. We really enjoyed the rest, the games time and the opportunity to spend time with each other. The teaching was very relevant and I believe every pastor should have such experience at least once in their life time, preferably while they are young in ministry.
Young pastor and his wife

The session on parenting really convicted my heart, I spent a long time reflecting and repenting for my parenting style and how I pushed my children away from myself and God. Thanks for the practical suggestions on parenting older children, especially when they rebel against our values and faith.
Senior Pastor from Warangal

I never expressed my love to my wife or children, for the first time in my life I have tasted the power of expression. As parents we often disagreed with each other and did not raise our children in the right way, we are hoping to make a new start to our family life.
Pastor from Karimnagar Dist.